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Types of Room Setups in Event Planning

Create the perfect ambiance for your event!


Organizing a successful event requires meticulous planning and special attention to all details, including room setup. The choice of room setup can have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of the event. Whether you are organizing a business conference, an elegant gala, or a festive cocktail party, it is essential to choose the room setup that best suits your needs and the atmosphere you want to create. In this article, we will introduce you to different types of room setups in event planning and provide tips for choosing the one that best suits your event.

Theater Style Setup

Ideal for events where the audience needs to focus mainly on a stage or podium. Chairs are arranged in parallel rows, all facing forward to provide a clear view of the stage. Commonly used for conferences, presentations, and performances, it promotes one-way communication between speakers or presenters and the audience.

Classroom Style Setup

Similar to theater-style but with tables added in front of each chair. Used for training sessions, seminars, and interactive workshops. Participants have space to take notes and interact with others, fostering a collaborative learning atmosphere.

Tip: Consider installing electrical outlets for participants who wish to take digital notes!

Refectory Style Setup (also known as Sugar Shacks)

Similar to classroom style but with rows of chairs on each side of tables. Often used for meals, this room setup encourages new interactions between participants who might not have crossed paths.

U-Shape Setup

Ideal for events that require discussions and exchanges among participants. Tables are arranged in a U-shape, with chairs inside the configuration. This allows better visibility and facilitates interactions between participants. Often used for meetings, roundtable discussions, and brainstorming sessions.

Banquet Style Setup

Commonly used for gala dinners, weddings, and receptions. Round tables are arranged to form large rows or rectangles, with chairs all around. This setup promotes networking, informal interactions, and encourages conversations among guests, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Half-Moon Setup

Very similar to the banquet setup, as it uses round tables arranged in the same way. The major difference is that only half of the table is filled with guests. This setup is typically done to allow attendees to see a stage or a screen.

Cocktail Style Setup

Suited for events where participants are invited to move freely and interact informally. There are no assigned chairs or tables. Instead, high tables, standing tables, and lounge areas are arranged in the room. Participants can move around, socialize, and enjoy different food and drink stations. This setup is often used for receptions, cocktails, and networking events.

At EvenemenCiel, we believe that choosing the right room setup in event planning is crucial to create the desired atmosphere and facilitate interactions. By considering the nature of your event, its objectives, and the number of participants, you can choose the room setup that best meets your needs. Whether you opt for a theater-style setup for a conference, a U-shape setup for an interactive meeting, or a cocktail-style setup for a lively evening, ensure your choice contributes to creating a memorable experience for your guests.

Don't forget to consider other factors such as space layout, technical and logistical needs, as well as the overall aesthetics of your event. By caring for every detail, you can create a room perfectly tailored to your event and provide an exceptional experience for your participants.

Contact us if you want more advice! Have a great event!

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