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How to Choose the Venue for an Event

There you go, it's confirmed, the event you were thinking about is going to happen!

Many questions are running through your mind, and among the most important: how to choose the venue for your event to ensure its success?

An Easily Accessible Venue

Especially during the winter months, it is crucial that the venue is easily accessible. For a fully satisfying experience, choose a venue that provides complete access for people with reduced mobility and in wheelchairs. Close to a subway station, the workplace if it's a corporate event, or near the guests' accommodations.


Free parking is also a highly appreciated amenity. Depending on the time of your event and its schedule, don't forget to consider traffic. Ensure that there are no festivities or construction in the neighborhood or city on the chosen date. If your budget allows, consider a valet service.

Consider the Number of Attendees and Their Needs

While easy access helps to attract more attendees, it is also useful to have an RSVP on your invitations. It is always recommended to follow up by phone as well, as people may forget to confirm. Plan for about 5 extra seats just in case. Once you have a clear idea of the number of attendees, it will be easier to contact banquet halls, hotels, and other venues. If children and individuals with special needs will be present, ensure that the venue has access ramps to allow them to fully enjoy the evening.

Costs and Date Flexibility

If you can have more than one date available for your event, you may negotiate an attractive price with some event spaces. Sometimes they have dates that they are slow to book. By offering 2 or 3 options, you could get a better price.

Know Your Guests

Having a clear idea of the people who will be present will help better target the ideal venue. Who are they? Is it a high-end corporate event, or is it more of a young and festive gathering? Consider their needs, and your evening will be a real success!



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