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Evenemenciel - organisation d'événements
Evenemenciel - production d'événements

A multidisciplinary team of talents dedicated to your success 

A multidisciplinary team of talented professionals that answer your specific needs perfectly.

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Sergina Guery_edited.jpg
Sergina Guery


Alain Paquin_edited_edited.jpg
Alain Paquin

Strategic Expert

Lyane Bourassa

Account Manager

Chantal Rivera
Project Manager
Photo Sarah Berny_edited_edited.jpg
Sarah Berny

Project Manager

Kelly-Anne Monette_edited.jpg
Kelly-Anne Monette

Advisor, communication and events

Nicolas Scott_edited.jpg
Nicolas Scott

Advisor, communication and events

Flore Cretel_edited.jpg
Flore Crétel

Coordinator, communication and events

Silhouette 2

Coordinator, communication and events

Sara Le Conte_edited.jpg
Sarah Le Conte

Office Manager

Sara Le Conte_edited.jpg
Genevieve Briere

Graphic designer

Sara Le Conte_edited.jpg
Marie-Helene Lebel

Administrative assistant

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Thank you for your interest in our company.


Currently, we do not have any job openings available. However, we encourage spontaneous applications and are always excited to learn more about exceptional talent. If you believe your profile aligns with our values and future needs, please feel free to send us your application at


We will carefully review each application and reach out to you if an opportunity arises.

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